• Do you have a Customer Rewards Program?

    Yes! We recently launched our rewards program for our website customers. It enables you to earn points in several different ways, and then redeem those points for money off. 100 points equates to $1 off, and the minimum amount of points available for redemption is 500, or $5 off.
  • How can I earn points?

    There are many ways to earn points! Check out all the ways you can start to rack them up: 100 points - Share our page on Facebook 100 points - Share our website via social media 100 points - Subscribe to our newsletter 300 points - Leave a product review 200 points - Follow us on Instagram 200 p...
  • How can I spend my points?

    Currently, the only way to spend your points is to redeem them for money off your order! $1 is equal to 100 points, so if you have 500 points you can take $5 off, if you have 700 points you can take $7 off, etc.