• Is game meat graded?

    Unlike beef, there is no grading system for game meats.  All our meat is USDA inspected or if from another country, from their inspection authority.
  • Are all your animals wild?

    Most of our animals are farm raised on wide open pastures and ranches.  Some of the animals are truly wild, such as the kangaroo, camel, and Texas wild boar.
  • Are any of your products Halal?

    Fossil Farms does not use Halal processing.
  • Are the chickens fed corn, soy or oats?

    Our chickens and turkeys are fed an all vegetarian diet consisting of corn and soy, but does not contain oats.
  • Are your animals fed corn?

    The only animals that are fed corn in their meal are the chickens.
  • Are your animals grass fed and grass finished?

    Most of our products, while pasture raised, are grain finished during the last month or two. This creates a greater level of marbling and tenderness in the meat, as well as adding another layer of flavor! We do have some items that are 100% grassfed and finished—this includes our Yak, Venison, El...
  • Are your chickens Organic?

    Or chickens are not certified organic, because the land and feed are not organic.  However, they are raised following all organic principals.
  • Are your Elk & Venison tested for CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease)?

    Our elk and venison are tested for CWD. They are farm raised and not truly wild, enabling the testing process much more easily for our farm partners and regulatory offices. As far as scientific data currently points, CWD cannot be transmitted to humans.
  • Are your ice packs recyclable? Cab I pour contents down the drain?

    We recently switched over to a new recyclable gel pack in May of 20-22, but if you have the blocks with the "FF" logo on them, the contents cannot be poured down the drain. Those we recommend disposing of the gel in the garbage and recycling the plastic. The pillow-style mats contain only water a...
  • Are your meats shipped fresh or frozen?

    The majority of our meats are shipped frozen, sealed in vacuum packages or vacuum packed trays. We ship with 100% curbside recyclable boxes/materials, and we use both dry ice and ice bricks/mats. Some of our products are fresh most of the time, like standing rib roasts, turkeys, and sometimes the...
  • Are your products shipped fresh or frozen?

    While most of our products are flash frozen at the time of production, we do have availability on fresh items depending on the products and our inventory.  This mainly applies to whole muscle cuts in the beef and bison categories.
  • Can I re-freeze defrosted product?

    Yes, our products are flash frozen upon processing, making them safe to refreeze even if fully defrosted, as long as they are still nice and cold, ideally not above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Does Fossil Farms use nitrates or preservatives in any of the processing?

    None of our products contain nitrates or preservatives other than the naturally occurring nitrate in celery powder for your bacon and salamis.
  • Do you carry Alpha-Gal friendly products?

    Yes, check out our Alpha-Gal page to browse our large selection of poultry and ostrich here:  ALPHA GAL PRODUCTS
  • Do you process the animals in your facility or do you outsouce?

    We do not process any of our products in our facility, or own our own abattoirs. The farms we partner with work with various abattoirs and we receive our products processed, packaged and ready for sale. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
  • Do you sell bear meat?

    Fossil Farms does not sell bear meat
  • Do you sell live animals?

    Fossil Farms does not sell any live animals.
  • Do you sell live animals?

    Fossil Farms does not sell live animals for purchase.
  • Do you sell Moose?

    We do not foresee ever being able to carry moose meat for several reasons. Due to unusual eating habits, Moose do not do well under any kind of captive condition, so it is not legal to farm them or commercially sell them. In the United States, you can only get moose meat by hunting it yourself fo...
  • Do you sell organ meat?

    We have some options for organ meats, although they are a special order item and come in 5lb formats.  Those items would include chicken and duck hearts and livers.  Bison Heart is also available but is a special order item as well. Please email or call us at 973-...
  • Do you sell seafood?

    Fossil Farms does not sell seafood.
  • Do you sell squirrel meat?

    Fossil Farms does not sell squirrel meat.  We do, however, sell all natural meat and wild game and it is fantastic.
  • do you sell veal?

    Fossil Farms does not sell veal products.
  • Do you sell white tail deer?

    We do not sell white tail deer, but we sell Red Stag Deer from New Zealand. Fossil Farms works directly with New Zealand farmers who abide by strict farming standards and these standards include the deer freely roaming on 60,000 acres of grass pastures, humane transporting and processing.
  • Do you sell whole alligator?

    You can purchase whole alligator by special order but it is pick up only - they cannot be shipped.
  • How are the animals finished?

    Almost all our animals are pasture raised and free roaming, however they are finished differently based on the type of animal.  Many are fed some sort of grains to finish, however some are 100% grass fed and finished, which include Venison, Elk, Kangaroo, Yak and Antelope.
  • How are the animals harvested?

    Most of our animals are harvested humanely in USDA facilities, however, some are tracked and harvested in the wild, our Texas wild boar and antelope being two of them.
  • How do I cook game meat?

    Game meats tend to have less fat than beef, and therefore can dry out easily and quickly.  We suggest cooking game products rare to medium rare for the best eating experience.
  • How do I freeze game meat?

    If you receive a fresh item, it can be frozen right in its cryovac packaging simply by placing it in your freezer.  If the seal seems at all loose, we recommend repackaging into a foodsaver cryovac bag or ziplock freezer bag with the air squeezed out.
  • How do I know this meat is in good condition?

    The meat should not be discolored and the packaging should not be open.  Many game meats have a strong, pungent smell when first taken out of the package.  This is normal and if you rinse and pat the meat dry, this odor should not persist. If there are any issues other than what is described abo...
  • How do I thaw game meat?

    To defrost safely and ensure the highest integrity of the meat, we recommend your product(s) be defrosted slowly.  Keep meat in the refrigerator for at least one day for small amounts (2lbs and under) and two days for anything heavier.  We DO NOT recommend using a microwave to defrost meat, as th...
  • How long can game meat last in the refrigerator?

    Once fully thawed, we recommend keeping uncooked meats in the refrigerator for no more than 2-3 days.
  • How long can you keep game meat in the refrigerator?

    Game meats have a higher Ph than most conventional meats, so they don't last as long while fresh or as cooked leftovers. Our recommendation is cooking and eating after a day or two in the fridge for the best experience.
  • How long is game meat good in the freezer?

    Many of our products have been flash frozen at the time of processing.  Products can stay frozen for up to one year from the date of production.  Fresh products should be consumed or frozen by the given expiration date.
  • I received my delivery today and everything was completely defrosted. I put it in the freezer, but I am concerned about the quality of my meat. Is it safe to consume?

    It is not uncommon for products to partially or fully thaw in transit, especially in the summer months. We do use extra dry ice in the warmer weather, but unfortunately these situations are sometimes unavoidable. We flash freeze everything at the time of production, which makes it completely safe...
  • Is your beef program graded?

    All of the beef offered on our website is USDA Choice or higher.
  • My meat arrived defrosted!

    If your product arrives fully defrosted and still cold (about 40 degrees or refrigerator cold) it is perfectly fine to consume or freeze for later use.
  • The meat had a terrible smell when the package was opened. Is it bad??

    Since we do not use any gasses in the processing and packing of the meats, there can be a bit of a funky smell when they are opened from the cryovac package. This is not a matter of concern, and simply rinsing the meat and patting dry should eliminate any odors. If you have any concerns, please c...
  • What is grain finished?

    Grain finished refers to animals that have been raised with the beginning of their life on grass, and then given supplemental grain feed at the end of their lives.
  • What species of deer do you sell?

    Red Stag is the species of deer we sell, they are harvested under 2 years old, resulting in very clean, lean and tender meat.